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Producer Spotlight: Stepladder Creamery

Stepladder Ranch was founded in 1871 as a working farmstead, which has remained a family owned and operated business for the past 3 generations. The most recent addition to the business is Stepladder Creamery, led [...]

Producer Spotlight – 5 Spoke Creamery

It's all about the bike! Grass-fed, raw-milk cheese made in New York. "We are often asked about the meaning behind our name – 5 Spoke Creamery. There isn’t a simple answer; like any great cheese, it’s [...]

New and Returning Items – April 24, 2017


BESACE AFFINE made by Chevrefeuille (Perigord, France) –  Originating from Provence, which is known for sweeter goat cheese, Besace Affine has a sweet, aromatic fudgy almost gummy center surrounded by a salty, dense rind which adds some lovely acidity for balance. For a special treat, serve with a bit of honey and black pepper. Pair with an Alsatian Pinot Gris.


BIANCO SOTTOBOSCO made by Casiefico La Bottera (Cuneo, Italy) – Handmade in Cuneo from a blend of pasteurized cow and goat’s milk. The cheese is studded with black truffles from Alba. It has a slightly dry texture and a fresh, earthy flavor. Aged for six weeks in a dedicated mountain cave whose walls are made of Tufo (porous rock). Works well with a light Pinot Noir


BRUNET made by Caseificio dell’Alta Langa (Alta Langa, Italy) – Soft cheese made from goat’s milk. This cheese has a paper-thin rind and light, velvety texture. Supple, with a slight flaky pâte, it becomes creamier in texture toward the rind. The flavor is very delicate with just a hint of tanginess; acidic, yet not overpoweringly goaty. Pair this with a dry sparkling wine!


CROTTIN DE PAYS Pascal Beillevaire Selection  (Poitou-Charentes, France)   This region of Poitou is the cradle of goat cheese. The Fontenille cheese dairy works with about fifteen goat breeders whose milk is collected about twenty kilometers around the cheese dairy. The milk comes mainly from goats of the Alpine breeds, Saanen and Poitevines. It is very aromatic and melts in your mouth.

DÉlice de Pommard – MINI

DÉlice de PommardMINI made by Alain Hess (Burgundy, France) – Soft cheese made from pasteurized cow’s milk. This is a sweet, rich triple crème cheese encased with Dijon mustard seeds. It is a deliciously creamy soft cheese and the mustard seeds are in no way overpowering. This miniature bite-sized version come in 12 packs of 16×6 gram pieces. This is the Pairs well with a red Burgundy.


GLACIER BLUE made by Cascadia Creamery (Trout Lake, WA) — An approachable blue with a luxurious texture and deliciously rich flavor. One bite of this masterpiece will wrap your palate in a blanket of salty savor, sink you into the most comfortable chair, and make it clear why locals have coined this “The Gateway Blue.” If you weren’t a blue lover before, this cheese will open that gate.


NICKAJACK made by Sequatchie Cove Creamery (Sequatchie, Tennessee) – Hard apple cider washed rind style, 1-1.5 lb wheel. Semi-soft, fruity yet savory cheese with a beautiful rose-orange rind and golden paste. Very easy to eat, pairs with medium bodied wines and beer. Pairs perfectly with fruits, especially late summer-fall fruits such as figs, apples, pears and grapes. This cheese will be seasonal, available from late summer through fall.


SHAKERAG BLUE made by Sequatchie Cove (Sequatchie Valley, Tennessee) – Grass-fed, raw cow milk blue wrapped in fig leaves soaked in Chattanooga Whiskey – aged for 100 days. The intention of Shakerag Blue was to create a truly “southern blue” consisting of spicy overtones with a milky sweet finish. The whiskey-soaked fig leaves impart aroma and flavor to the cheese, while sealing in the moisture, helping create a more pronounced creamy and crumbly texture.


SLEEPING BEAUTY made by Cascadia Creamery (Trout Lake, Washington) –Smooth and buttery with a supple sharpness and a unique natural rind that reflects the changes of the seasons. Named after a signature landmark of the Cascade range – the legendary ‘Beauty’ that came between the mighty Pahto (Mt. Adams) and Wy’East (Mt. Hood) peaks. Like its namesake, this alluring cheese can move mountains.