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Producer Spotlight: Stepladder Creamery

Stepladder Ranch was founded in 1871 as a working farmstead, which has remained a family owned and operated business for the past 3 generations. The most recent addition to the business is Stepladder Creamery, led [...]

Producer Spotlight – 5 Spoke Creamery

It's all about the bike! Grass-fed, raw-milk cheese made in New York. "We are often asked about the meaning behind our name – 5 Spoke Creamery. There isn’t a simple answer; like any great cheese, it’s [...]

New and Returning Items – July 24th, 2017


BENT RIVER made by Alemar Cheese Company (Mankato, MN) — Made in the style of Camembert. Named after the sharp turn of the Minnesota just a few hundred yards from the production site, it is released at five weeks. Over the next six weeks or so, the cheese will ripen to full maturity. During that time, the texture and flavor profile will change, but at all stages you’ll have a Camembert that will rival the best around.


GLACIER BLUE made by Cascadia Creamery (Trout Lake, WA) — An approachable blue with a luxurious texture and deliciously rich flavor. One bite of this masterpiece will wrap your palate in a blanket of salty savor, sink you into the most comfortable chair, and make it clear why locals have coined this “The Gateway Blue.” If you weren’t a blue lover before, this cheese will open that gate and step you through to the other side. Natural rind – aged 75 days.


GOOD THUNDER made by Alemar Cheese Company (Mankato, MN) — A washed-rind square, “Bent River’s stinky little brother.” Loosely inspired by Reblochon, it is washed in Surly ™ Bender beer, cultures and salt. The cheese is washed weekly for three weeks, during which time the wash soaks in slowly, producing an alchemy of flavors between the two. Good Thunder will age for six-to-eight weeks in refrigeration.


HOOLIGAN made by Elizabeth MacAllister of Cato Corner Farm (Colchester, CT) – Semi-soft cheese made from raw cow’s milk. This washed-rind cheese has a soft, creamy interior and a gorgeous orange rind. Hooligan’s flavor is sweet, with undertones of grass and walnuts. The wheels are bathed twice a week in brine to encourage the growth of pungent, surface-ripening bacteria during the minimum 60-day aging period that goes on in the farm’s underground caves.


KUNIK BUTTON MINI-WHEELS made by Nettle Meadow Farm and Cheese Co. (Warrensburg, NY) – A pasteurized cow and goat’s milk triple cream. This 2010 ACS Triple Crème Blue ribbon winner is made on Nettle Meadow’s small family farm in the Adirondack mountains. The inclusion of the goat’s milk makes for a richer and much more flavorful cheese than a cow’s milk brie. However, the cow’s milk makes the texture more sumptuous and the flavor more subtle than a pure goat’s milk cheese.


PLEASANT RIDGE RESERVE made by Uplands Cheese, Inc. (Dodgeville, WI)– Firm cheese made from raw cow’s milk.  Made only on the spring and summer when the cows are on fresh pasture, it has the style and tradition of French mountain cheeses. It is rich and hearty, with complex layers of caramel and an intriguing sour cherry finish. The aroma is bold and fruity with an almost meaty bite. The texture is similar to a Comte, yet smoother and slightly more dense.


SAPPY EWE made by Nettle Meadow Farm and Cheese Co. (Warrensburg, NY) – Sappy Ewe is our newest bloomy rind cheese.   We coat sheep and cow curds with an Adirondack maple reduction and then form the curd in a crottin size mold.  We let them age to bloomy rind perfection in our aging cave and then pat them with edible pine black ash for a dramatic finish.  This cheese just won a Second Place Distinction at the 2017 U.S. Cheese Championships


SIMPLY SHEEP made by Nettle Meadow Farm and Cheese Co. (Warrensburg, NY)Simply sheep is a semi-aged 100% sheep milk wheel.  Cultured differently from many of our other bloomy rinds, it hints of buttery smooth undertones in its youth and grows more robust in flavor as it ages.  7 to 9 ounce wheels that accentuate the fresh clean flavors of our milk.


THREE SISTERS made by Nettle Meadow Farm and Cheese Co. (Warrensburg, NY) – Made of pasteurized cow, sheep and goat’s milk. This bloomy-rind cheese has a dense, fudge-like consistency with a slightly chalky texture. It’s flavor is rich with hints of mushrooms and citrus notes. This American Cheese Society Winner has a semi-soft texture and mild tang. Pairs quite well with a bright, fruity white wine to bring out the buttery tastes