About Us

Artisan CheeseIn 2002, Martyna and I opened a small cheese shop in the village of Del Mar near San Diego.  We wanted a shop close by that was similar to the ones we experienced while living in Europe.  A shop that had great cheeses, meats and other hard to find gourmet items–in short all the delicious foods we needed to have a nice evening with family and friends.

My thought was that we would set it up, visit on the weekends, and probably be its best customer.  But, we quickly learned two things.  First we found out efficient logistics play a big role in getting items to the market cost effectively.  Secondly, and more importantly, we discovered a contagious passion among all those that we met.  People appreciated fine foods and enjoyed sharing their feelings about it.  From producer to consumer we found a tribal bond that we wanted to be part of and that, has since, given us a sense of purpose and resolve.

Today that shop is now part of the brilliant Venissimo collection.  And our focus is to help our retail and foodservice customers bring the finest in artisanal foods to consumers.

We feel very privileged—and deeply responsible—to have found ourselves in this wonderful industry of artisan cheese and specialty foods.

~ Bob Stonebrook