Beer Washed Campollano

Quesos Campollanos

Castile-La Mancha, Spain

Traditional Manchego made with pasteurized sheep’s milk from Castilla La Mancha, from the milk of Manchega and Lacaune sheep. Animal (lamb) rennet. After months of careful affinage, the Manchego is soaked in tanks of historic Voll Damm beer, a double malt from Barcelona whose name means “full” or “complete” in German. After soaking, the Manchego is then washed with Voll Damm for three weeks to fully absorb the beer’s rich aroma, flavor and body.

The finished cheese has a buttery paste, pale yellow in the center and darkening toward the rind, with a softness that belies its long aging period. Aromas of toasted malt are balanced by a very mellow, almost sweet flavor with a hint of malt bitterness on the finish.