Campollano with Truffles

Quesos Campollano

Castile-La Mancha, Spain

Traditional Manchego made with raw sheep’s milk from Castilla la Mancha, from the milk of Manchega and Lacaune sheep. Animal (lamb) rennet. This cheese celebrates one of Spain’s gastronomic wonders – the black truffle, which spends nine months nestled among the roots of the great oak tree. Once harvested, it rejoins another Spanish treasure – the sheep’s milk of Castilla la Mancha. After careful maturation, the Manchego is injected with a blend of Teruel black truffle and extra virgin olive oil. Aged for at least six months.

Visually striking with truffles throughout the paste and visible on the rind, Campollano with Truffles  has a smooth, buttery texture and an intensely earthy, rich truffle aroma. The truffle flavor lingers on the palate, making this cheese pair wonderfully with dry, aged red wines. Incredible for cooking – try it in a savory roulade or grated into your favorite pasta dish.