Campollano with Truffles

Traditional Manchego made with raw sheep’s milk from Castilla la Mancha, from the milk of Manchega and Lacaune sheep. Animal (lamb) rennet. This cheese celebrates one of Spain’s gastronomic wonders – the black truffle, which spends nine months nestled among the roots of the great oak tree. Once harvested, it rejoins another Spanish treasure – … Read more

Beer Washed Campollano

Traditional Manchego made with pasteurized sheep’s milk from Castilla La Mancha, from the milk of Manchega and Lacaune sheep. Animal (lamb) rennet. After months of careful affinage, the Manchego is soaked in tanks of historic Voll Damm beer, a double malt from Barcelona whose name means “full” or “complete” in German. After soaking, the Manchego … Read more

Estero Gold Reserve

ESTERO GOLD RESERVE  made by Valley Ford Cheese Co (Valley Ford, CA) – Estero Gold Reserve results from special batches of Valley Ford’s popular Estero Gold, held in the aging room and cared for until they reach a minimum of 16 months. As the cheese goes through this lengthier aging process, it develops more concentrated flavor, … Read more

Welcome 2019!

We would like to thank you for a wonderful 2018, filled with exceptional cheeses both traditional and new!  As we look forward to another year, opportunities abound – a few more cozy winter weeks, the freshness of spring and its accompanying young cheeses, and long summer evenings spent traveling and entertaining for our loved ones. Most exciting, … Read more

Owl Creek Tomme

Raw farmstead sheep’s milk tomme, with a delightfully buttery finish and crumbly texture. Balanced notes of pistachio and hay complement a hint of Manchego-esque assertiveness. An ideal pairing for Pinot Noir or Gamay.  Owl Creek Tomme Kokoborrego Cheese St. Gilead, OH

Spotted Owl

The smaller, black pepper-studded sibling of Owl Creek, this raw farmstead sheep’s milk cheese is expertly balanced: perfectly suited for grating over pasta, yet snackable enough to serve at a picnic. Spotted Owl Kokoborrego Cheese St. Gilead, OH

Producer Spotlight: Kokoborrego Cheese

Kokoborrego Cheese is a made on a small family farm in St. Gilead, Ohio, by the Sippel Family and cheesemaker Ben Baldwin. Their goal has always been “to produce world-class cheeses that can be enjoyed by people of all walks of life.” The first ODA licensed sheep dairy and creamery in the state of Ohio, … Read more

Producer Spotlight: Castrum Erat

Castrum Erat is a family company whose generations of farmers have passed on the knowledge, customs and values ​​of the artisan producers of the La Serena region in Extremadura, a region famous for its terroir.  They have been raising and milking sheep for more than 20 years on their Cerro Gordo farm, initially selling their milk to … Read more


Pacencia is semi-firm and round, made from raw sheep’s milk and lamb rennet. It is aged on wooden boards, and washed with olive oil during aging. Exhibits buttery aromas of lemon, stable and a slight piquancy. Pair with a bright peppery red, like a Tempranillo. Case 6/650g Pacencia Castrum Erat Extremadura, Spain


Semi-firm, raw, sheep’s milk. Cardoon Thistle (vegetable) rennet. Aged on wooden boards and washed with olive oil during aging. Ivory colored, slightly creamy interior paste with small eyes. The aroma invokes a mellow sheepiness, with a flavor reminiscent of toasted almonds. Case 6/500g Nacencia Castrum Erat Extremadura, Spain