Pascal Beillevaire: Chevre Fermier Bichonne

Joel Thibault and his son Stanislas make this farmstead goat tomme exclusively for Pascal Beillevaire’s affinage. Aged for 12 weeks in Beillevaire’s natural stone caves in Machecoul, the aged tomme de chevre attains a beautiful and delicate natural rind; this chevre has an ivory-colored paste, a supple texture and an intense flavor. Pascal Beillevaire Chevre … Read more

Tomme Brulee

TOMME BRULEE Pascal Beillevaire Selection (Midi-Pyrenees, France) – Firm cheese made from sheep’s milk. Hailing from the Basque Region of France home to many of the world’s wonderful firm sheep’s milk cheeses, these wheels have their rinds singed at the end of the ripening process. The roasted flavors it imparts marry well with the nutty flavor … Read more