Hinman Settler

Hinman Settler incorporates raw sheep’s milk from neighboring Bonnieview Farm for an even deeper savory and piquant flavor, with notes of hazelnut mingling with Bayley’s familiar nutty/fudgy balance. Stilton-esque, like Bayley Hazen, this cheese pairs well with robust wines, dark toasty beers and rustic charcuterie. Limited release.  HINMAN SETTLER made by Jasper Hill Farm (Greensboro, … Read more

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2018 Rogue River Blue

It’s finally back! A classic sign in Cheese World that fall is officially here, this complex seasonal blue heralds the cool nights and memorable meals of the holidays. Wrapped in Syrah leaves each year after the harvest, Rogue River ages patiently until the following year, when it bursts into cheese cases nationwide with its trademark bacony, … Read more

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Producer Spotlight: Blue Ledge Farm

An inspiring endeavor in Vermont’s evolving dairying landscape, Blue Ledge Farm is a sustainable, first generation family-run goat dairy on the property of a former conventional Holstein dairy. Their mission is to “create a high quality product built on the cornerstones of respect for consumers, land and animals as well as [the] local community.” The … Read more

Producer Spotlight: Boxcarr Creamery

Boxcarr Creamery is a first generation family farm and creamery, run by Samantha Genke and her brother Austin. Their dream is to build a way of life that will help to preserve family farming for generations to come, and to make and sell exceptional handcrafted artisan cheese. Having  both transitioned to cheesemaking from “real world” … Read more

Affinage in America: Crown Finish Caves

“Located in the historic former Nassau Brewery building in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. CFC caves are the old lagering tunnels of the brewery, and at approximately 50 degrees fahrenheit year round, they are the perfect temperature for aging cheese.CFC does not make anything, they just age it; this is a centuries old practice called “affinage,” and … Read more

Spring Brook Farm / Farms for City Kids

More than an award winning cheesemaking operation, Spring Brook Farm is first and foremost a philanthropic enterprise. A certified non-profit, they provide kids from urban environments with the chance to get outside, work with their hands, develop teamwork skills, and gain an appreciation for sustainable agricultural practices. Children from cities up and down the east coast get the opportunity to stay … Read more

Good Thunder

A washed-rind square, “Bent River’s stinky little brother.” Loosely inspired by Reblochon, it is washed in Surly ™ Bender beer, cultures and salt. The cheese is washed weekly for three weeks, during which time the wash soaks in slowly, producing an alchemy of flavors between the two. Good Thunder will age for six to eight weeks … Read more

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Bent River

Named after the sharp turn of the Minnesota River just a few hundred yards from the production site, it is released at five weeks. Over the next six weeks or so, the cheese ripens to full maturity. Ripe Bent River adds its own twist to the classic mushroomy cauliflower profile of Camembert, offering flavors of roasted Brussels … Read more

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