Introducing North Country Charcuterie!

North Country Charcuterie is a family operation – as they describe it, “A chef, his brother and their mother” dedicated to making quality charcuterie from locally sourced pork and flavorings.

They use humanely-raised Berkshire pork from nearby farms and source 95% of their ingredients from Ohio producers (including craft beer, cheese, and wine – even herbs and spices). Everything is handmade and cured at their own USDA-inspected facility. All North Country Charcuterie salami uses Berkshire pork from Saddleberk in Urbana, OH.

-Flavor Notes from the Producers-

HOGUERA SPREADABLE CHORIZO – made in Columbus, Ohio Best enjoyed on a baguette or added to a favorite Spanish recipe, our Sobrassada hits your tongue with a sultry surprise and fiery finish. Mixed with Hot Paprika, Chipotle and Cayenne, all from North Market Spices in Columbus. 

FINO – An ode to our “Salami Mama,” Jane Forbes, and her love of garlic. This Finocchiona-style salami is a delicate balance of ground fennel from North Market Spices in Columbus and minced garlic. After all, everything’s better with garlic! 

TRIPEL PIGS – Our most traditional European-style salami with an American twist, subtly flavored with Cask Aged Tripel from Rockmill Brewery (Lancaster, OH), one of our favorite craft breweries. 

LUPO – Deep, dark and mysterious, from the furthest reaches of the wild: A Russian Imperial Stout meets Mexican Mole to create a rich, globe-trotting flavor in this collaboration with Wolf’s Ridge Brewing (Columbus, OH). 

NO. 1 – Our richest and creamiest salami, boldly flavored with cheese from Blue Jacket Dairy (Bellefontaine, OH), Chardonnay from Debonne Vineyards(Madison, OH), chopped garlic and fresh sage. 

Rojizo Chorizo – An intriguing fusion of European traditions and flavors from the Southern hemisphere like Hot Paprika, Cayenne and Chipotle, all from North Market Spices (Columbus, OH). But don’t be afraid, the flavor is stronger than the heat!

North Country Charcuterie

Columbus, Ohio