Producer Spotlight: Alemar Cheese

Alemar Cheese is founded on the premise that great ingredients coupled with patience, knowledge and passion can produce extraordinary results.  In early 2008, We began sketching out a plan to make small batches of soft-ripened and fresh French-inspired artisan cheese.  After careful research, study, and counsel from some of the finest minds in the field, We started production in late April of 2009. Since then we’ve gone on to win awards, garner a number of favorable press pieces, and be distributed throughout much of the United States. We are proud of our accomplishments, but feel like we’re just getting started.

BENT RIVER made by Alemar Cheese Company (Mankato, MN) — Alemar Cheese Company’s flagship cheese, made in the style of Camembert. Named after the sharp turn of the Minnesota just a few hundred yards from the production site, it is released at five weeks. Over the next six weeks or so, the cheese will ripen to full maturity. During that time, the texture and flavor profile will change, but at all stages you’ll have a Camembert that will rival the best around. Case 12/13oz

GOOD THUNDER made by Alemar Cheese Company (Mankato, MN) — A washed-rind square, “Bent River’s stinky little brother.” Loosely inspired by Reblochon, it is washed in Surly ™ Bender beer, cultures and salt. The cheese is washed weekly for three weeks, during which time the wash soaks in slowly, producing an alchemy of flavors between the two. Case 12/7oz