Producer Spotlight: Bleating Heart

“Bleating Heart Cheese began in 2009 with a mission to produce unique, handcrafted “American Original” cheeses. The inspiration came shortly after founder Seana Doughty quit her desk job to go work at a neighborhood cheese shop, Venissimo, in Del Mar, CA. Finding herself thoroughly smitten by the science and art of cheese, especially sheep milk cheese, Seana started down the road to becoming a cheesemaker and never looked back. Relocating to the lush Sonoma-Marin cheese region north of San Francisco, Seana made the first batch of Bleating Heart cheese in June 2009. Not long after starting Bleating Heart as a one-woman operation, Seana’s husband, Dave Dalton, became fully immersed in the business as well. Leaving behind careers in academic research administration, the husband & wife duo now lead all aspects of Bleating Heart together. Seana and Dave wear many hats, working both on and in the business with help from their small crew of awesome cheese loving employees, all faithfully following the Bleating Heart mantra: making seriously good cheeses without taking ourselves too seriously”.

A little golden cheese, “Goldette Tommette” is a 1.5 lb semi-firm wheel with a lightly washed rind. Made from rich raw jersey milk, at 2 to 3 months of age the cheese has a firm but creamy mouth feel, pleasing aroma & a nice buttery tang. We think of her as the slim blonde cousin of our “Fat Bottom Girl” sheep cheese. The name is inspired by the paste’s golden hue – thanks to the jersey cow milk – and suggests a touch of sass, which is present from the subtly funky microbes that grow on the rind. Goldette is very versatile in beverage pairings, super friendly to many types of beers, and she is a gorgeous melting cheese – try Goldette instead of Raclette for melting and we promise you will be pleased! To really get your cheese party started, try using it with a girolla, aka “cheese curler” made by Boska.