Producer Spotlight: Blue Ledge Farm

An inspiring endeavor in Vermont’s evolving dairying landscape, Blue Ledge Farm is a sustainable, first generation family-run goat dairy on the property of a former conventional Holstein dairy. Their mission is to “create a high quality product built on the cornerstones of respect for consumers, land and animals as well as [the] local community.” The owners, Greg and Hannah, have worked closely with the Vermont Land Trust to ensure that their 150 acres of woods, hayland, pasture and wetland will remain undeveloped, in exchange receiving funding for their cheeseroom. They use the high quality milk from their own foraging goats, as well as cow’s milk from a neighboring farm to make cheeses like Lake’s Edge (Alpine and Nubian goat) and Middlebury Blue (Ayrshire cow).

Blue Ledge Farm

Salisbury, Vermont