Producer Spotlight: Boxcarr Creamery

Boxcarr Creamery is a first generation family farm and creamery, run by Samantha Genke and her brother Austin. Their dream is to build a way of life that will help to preserve family farming for generations to come, and to make and sell exceptional handcrafted artisan cheese.

Having  both transitioned to cheesemaking from “real world” jobs via their own food truck and catering company (using produce and meat from Boxcarr Farms, a 30 acre farm where they cultivate produce and raise pigs, chickens, and goats), they now source Jersey and Holstein cow’s milk from a long-time neighbor, and Alpine, Nubian, and Saanen goat’s milk from another nearby dairy. Everyone is involved in the business – Austin handles sales, Samantha spearheads cheesemaking, and Austin’s wife Dani designed the labels and logo. Even Austin and Dani’s young son has a developing cheese palate!

Boxcarr’s cheesemakers are continuously inspired by their Italian family roots and guided by the expertise of a local Italian formaggiaia (trained cheesemaker), Alessandra Trompeo. They make a variety of cheeses, including Cottonseed, Campo, and Rocket’s Robiola.

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Cedar Grove, North Carolina