Spring Brook Farm / Farms for City Kids

More than an award winning cheesemaking operation, Spring Brook Farm is first and foremost a philanthropic enterprise. A certified non-profit, they provide kids from urban environments with the chance to get outside, work with their hands, develop teamwork skills, and gain an appreciation for sustainable agricultural practices. Children from cities up and down the east coast get the opportunity to stay on the farm, helping with daily chores and spending time in Vermont’s idyllic countryside (yes, even in “mud season”).

In order to provide the kids with another farm experience, and also to add value to their milk (a key concern for dairy farmers), Spring Brook Farm also makes unique and popular cheeses. Inspired by the similarities between Vermont’s terroir and that of parts of France, TarentaiseReading, and Ashbrook are all raw Jersey cow’s milk cheeses which express the unique qualities of Spring Brook’s landscape.

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