Moolicious Blue – A New California Blue made by Bleating Heart

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Our new "Moolicious Blue" is an adaptation of our award-winning recipe for "Ewelicious" sheep cheese, but using a different type of milk results is a very different cheese, albeit a delicious one, even when the same [...]

England’s Most Pungent Cheese, Stinking Bishop, Is A Big Hit In Switzerland

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ZURICH — Accidental entrepreneur Michael Fontana-Jones is making stinky British cheese pay in a crowded market: Switzerland, a country renowned for domestic varieties such as holey Emmental and nutty Gruyere. Last year his British Cheese [...]

Holy Cow! First Cheesemakers Date Back 7,500 Years

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The first direct signs of cheesemaking now seen in potsherds from Poland may help reveal how animal milk dramatically shaped the genetics of Europe, scientists reported today (Dec. 12). Although cheese may just seem to [...]

Cheesemonger Champion

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Staring intently at a 20-something-year-old customer at Cowgirl Creamery in Penn Quarter, head cheesemonger Adam Smith winds up for a dance he’s done many times before. “Ma’am, what can I do for you today?” The woman says she’s planning a [...]


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The American Cheese Society (ACS) is a not-for-profit trade organization founded in 1983 to support the North American artisan and specialty cheese industry. ACS provides advocacy, education, business development, and networking opportunities for members of [...]

Gastronomical Prohibitionists

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In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus tells his listeners that a man with a beam in his eye ought not to criticize another with a mere speck in his. The message: sort out your [...]

Daphne Zepos, Champion of Fine Cheese, Dies at 52

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Daphne Zepos, an internationally known authority on cheese whose expertise encompassed the buying of it, the selling of it, the making of it and above all the almost transcendental experience of eating it, died on Tuesday at [...]

Fat Bottom Girl Cheese

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One great thing about Northern California: Whatever your foodie pleasure, there's always more of it out there than at first seems possible. We've lately discovered yet another great cheese out there in the hills: Fat [...]

Central Coast’s Big Rock Blue

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With the recent debut of Big Rock Blue, a cow's-milk cheese from Central Coast Creamery, California adds yet another blue cheese to its roster. By my count, that makes three for the Golden State. The popular Point Reyes [...]