Üsi Minnie

Like Üsi Lussi, Üsi Minnie is a tribute to the culture of cheesemaker Christian Oberli’s home region of Canton St Gallen.

Üsi Minnie is made at an elevation of 2,000 feet in the style of Alpine Mutschli, which was traditionally made in small batches (often on the family stovetop) using leftover curds from Gruyere production. After a short aging period, Mutschli would be shared with Sunday guests arriving with supplies and news from the village far below. 

This modern interpretation of Mutschli begins mellow, grassy, and lactic, and progresses to a buttery yielding finish with hints of walnut. Perfect to savor with a glass of crisp Gewurtztraminer and good company.

Üsi Minnie

Kaserei Oberli Rislen

St Gallen, Switzerland