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Coming Soon! 2018 Rogue River Blue

Rogue River Blue Rogue Creamery Central Point, Oregon   It's almost back! A classic sign in Cheese World that fall is officially here, this complex seasonal blue heralds the cool nights and memorable meals of the [...]

JUMI Hanfmutschli

HANFMUTSCHLI made by Kaserei Glauser (Emmental, Switzerland) The cheesemaker's wife, surprised to find hemp growing in her garden, took it upon herself to create this delicious cheese – thereby preventing her children from harvesting it [...]

Producer Spotlight: JUMI Cheese

PRODUCER SPOTLIGHT: JUMI JUMI was created as a project between two friends, Mike Glauser and Jurg Wyss, to honor and promote the cheesemaking traditions and innovations of Glauser's family – fifth generation Emmental Valley cheesemakers. [...]

Pascal Beillevaire: Chevre Fermier Bichonne

Pascal Beillevaire Chevre Fermier Bichonne Made on the farm. Joel Thibault and his son Stanislas make this farmstead goat tomme exclusively for Pascal Beillevaire's affinage. Aged for 12 weeks in Beillevaire's natural stone caves in [...]

LaClare Family Creamery

LaClare Creamery- A true family operation in Malone, Wisconsin, LaClare Creamery is owned and run by the Hedrichs... all the kids but one have come home to the business, bringing their education and life experiences [...]

New and Returning Items – July 24th, 2017

OG Kristal

OG Kristal

Made by Johan Deweer of Kaasboerderij ‘T Groendal

Selected and aged by Kaasafineurs Van Tricht

West Flanders, Belgium

Alias “Old Groendal:” Known to locals in West Belgium as Brokkeloude Roeselare, this 18 month aged gouda has it all: rich creamy texture with a fudgy, perfectly balanced butterscotch sweetness, and large, well-formed crystals that pop like candy in bite after bite. Made by a family cheesemaker and aged by a family of affineurs, this true artisan aged gouda would pair wonderfully with – you guessed it – Belgian Beer! Case 1/22#

Friend in Cheeses MINI Jams

FIC MINI STRAWBERRY TARRAGON made by Friend in Cheeses Jam Co. (Santa Cruz, CA) – Pure summer in a jar…Bright juicy fat ripe Seascape strawberries from the central coast of California, blended with a hint of vanilla, a dash of black pepper, and a good dose of organic tarragon…from morning toast to an afternoon ice cream, this combo is a sure fire smile generator. 

FIC MINI LAVENDER PLUM  made by Friend in Cheeses Jam Co. (Santa Cruz, CA) – Spring in Nor Cal – the air is heavy with the aroma of plum blossoms and fields of lavender. We combined the two with a field blend of several plum varietals to get the very best of the region. As this seasonal gem is released, so are the fresh spring cheeses from local goats and sheep.. the marriage of the two will keep the Nor Cal spring in your ♡ year round! 

FIC MINI PINOT CHERRIES made by Friend in Cheeses Jam Co. (Santa Cruz, CA) – The medley of dried Montmorency cherries, black pepper, citrus and Pinot Noir makes for the quintessential pairing . There is not a meat, cheese or cocktail that this baby can’t uplift. “Je ne sais quoi” quality to keep the culinary imagination on point. 

FIC MINI SMOKIN’ PADRON made by Friend in Cheeses Jam Co. (Santa Cruz, CA) – The long days of late summer: wafting aromas of wood smoke and roasting peppers bring this jam to a new place on the pantry shelf. Perfect for lazy afternoons with meats just off the grill –  a dollop of summer so the feeling will never end. 

FIC MINI PISCO PEAR made by Friend in Cheeses Jam Co. (Santa Cruz, CA) – In homage to my Grammy Emma Mae and my Peruvian brother in law Nello: the Clash of Cultures comes together in one jar. French butter pears cooked for hours with fresh nutmeg, black pepper, candied ginger and vanilla until the jam is  a thick reduced expression of everything a pear ever wanted to be..then a good dose of Pisco (the grappa of Peru) to add a fresh bright bite.

FIC MINI CHOW CHOW made by Friend in Cheeses Jam Co. (Santa Cruz, CA) – A jar of pure sunshine. The combo of dried fruits, nuts and seeds intermingled with honey, vanilla, and domestic bourbon sings – there isn’t a cheese this Chow doesn’t like. 

FIC MINI GOLDEN SAGE BERRY made by Friend in Cheeses Jam Co. (Santa Cruz, CA) – Sunshine in a jar…Golden Raspberries hint at sunset, offset by tart bright flavors of lemon & sage. A perfect pair for any summer meal. 



Made by Vermont Shepherd

Putney, VT

Inspired by the famous mountain cheeses of the Pyrenees, Vermont Shepherd’s creations are among the oldest and most well known of this country’s sheep and mixed-milk cheeses. Made in small 10 to 30 wheel batches, each cheese reflects the terroir of the carefully tended landscape. Invierno, or “winter,” is made only in the winter months from a blend of rich raw sheep & cow milk. The resulting cheese is soft to semi-hard with a natural rind, and is aged for 4-5 months in a special cave built on the farm. Invierno is a versatile cheese with a rich butter and mushroom flavor. It melts well and is delicious with cider, beer and rich savory red wines. 


JUMI Schlossberger Jung (Young)


made by Kaserei Glauser (Emmental, Switzerland)

Raw cow’s milk, aged 5-7 months. The “baby brother” of the extra matured Schlossberger Alt, this traditional table cheese has a mild, flexible paste with charming and delicate milky/buttery notes. Ever-present on the breakfast table at the Glauser household, it’s perfect for snacks and picnic sandwiches. Pair with pickle relish and country ham on baguette for a real treat! Case 1/65# WHL or 1/18# QTR

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JUMI Schlossberger Alt (Aged)


made by Kaserei Glauser (Emmental, Switzerland)

Raw cow’s milk cheese matured for 18-23 months in a cave next to the ruins of Schlossberg Castle, deep in the valley of Emmental. Carefully nurtured to reach its peak maturity. The finished cheese is moderately salty with pronounced hazelnut flavors and a buttery finish. Schlossberger made in the winter (when the cows are eating hay) will take on a paler, more crumbly and bright persona. Case 1/65# WHL or 1/18# QTR

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JUMI la Sanglee des Couardise


made by Mosimann Dairy (Emmental, Switzerland)

This hand-washed cheese from deep in the valleys of the Swiss Jura was originally made as a special Christmas gift from the cheesemaker to his family and friends, and now it comes to us! The sturdy spruce binding is perfect for serving this silky cheese – cut the top off and serve as you would a Harbison or traditional Mont d’Or. Pungent and a bit smoky, wonderful paired with a dry Riesling or Gewurztraminer.  Case 12/7oz

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JUMI Cironé


made by Kaserei Glauser (Emmental, Switzerland)

A hard and crumbly raw cow’s milk cheese with an unusually creamy finish, aged up to two years. Rich notes of roasted chicory are supported by a hint of “sharpness” and a caramel sweetness. Throughout the aging process, the cheese is moved between caves to age in varying environments and atmospheres (including one with cheese mites) in order to enhance the complexity of the matured cheese. Case 1/13#

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JUMI Belper Knolle


made by Kaserei Glauser (Emmental, Switzerland)

Belper Knolle is the pride and signature cheese of Jumi. The production of this unusual looking hard cheese begins with fresh, raw cow’s milk, still warm from milking. The milk is infused with Himalayan salt and garlic, and the young cheese is hand-rolled in black pepper and dried. Aged up to twelve months, the resulting cheese can be grated over pasta or salad dishes to add herbacious and peppery intensity. Think of it like a cheese truffle!  Case 12/90g

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JUMI Aarewasser


made by Kaserei Glauser (Emmental, Switzerland)

Washed with pure spring water from the Aare River (hence “aarewasser”) throughout the production process, this raw cow’s milk cheese offers a mild and creamy reflection of Aare Valley terrior. A melting, smooth, creamy texture envelops flavors of grass and a hint of mushroom, making this cheese a perfect pair for gratins, mashed potatoes, and sharing with friends over a glass of Belgian Ale or Swiss craft-brewed Saison. Case 1/13#

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JUMI Après Soleil


made by Kaserei Glauser (Emmental, Switzerland)

Aged 11 months in sunlight-filled caves. The finished cheese offers a firm texture with subtle crystallization and a distinctive nutty flavor. Fitting as an aperitif, friendly enough for a cheese platter.  Case 1/14#

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