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New and Returning Items – July 24th, 2017

JUMI la Sanglee des Couardise


made by Mosimann Dairy (Emmental, Switzerland)

This hand-washed cheese from deep in the valleys of the Swiss Jura was originally made as a special Christmas gift from the cheesemaker to his family and friends, and now it comes to us! The sturdy spruce binding is perfect for serving this silky cheese – cut the top off and serve as you would a Harbison or traditional Mont d’Or. Pungent and a bit smoky, wonderful paired with a dry Riesling or Gewurztraminer.  Case 12/7oz

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JUMI Cironé


made by Kaserei Glauser (Emmental, Switzerland)

A hard and crumbly raw cow’s milk cheese with an unusually creamy finish, aged up to two years. Rich notes of roasted chicory are supported by a hint of “sharpness” and a caramel sweetness. Throughout the aging process, the cheese is moved between caves to age in varying environments and atmospheres (including one with cheese mites) in order to enhance the complexity of the matured cheese. Case 1/13#

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JUMI Belper Knolle


made by Kaserei Glauser (Emmental, Switzerland)

Belper Knolle is the pride and signature cheese of Jumi. The production of this unusual looking hard cheese begins with fresh, raw cow’s milk, still warm from milking. The milk is infused with Himalayan salt and garlic, and the young cheese is hand-rolled in black pepper and dried. Aged up to twelve months, the resulting cheese can be grated over pasta or salad dishes to add herbacious and peppery intensity. Think of it like a cheese truffle!  Case 12/90g

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JUMI Aarewasser


made by Kaserei Glauser (Emmental, Switzerland)

Washed with pure spring water from the Aare River (hence “aarewasser”) throughout the production process, this raw cow’s milk cheese offers a mild and creamy reflection of Aare Valley terrior. A melting, smooth, creamy texture envelops flavors of grass and a hint of mushroom, making this cheese a perfect pair for gratins, mashed potatoes, and sharing with friends over a glass of Belgian Ale or Swiss craft-brewed Saison. Case 1/13#

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JUMI Après Soleil


made by Kaserei Glauser (Emmental, Switzerland)

Aged 11 months in sunlight-filled caves. The finished cheese offers a firm texture with subtle crystallization and a distinctive nutty flavor. Fitting as an aperitif, friendly enough for a cheese platter.  Case 1/14#

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Producer Spotlight: JUMI Cheese


JUMI was created as a project between two friends, Mike Glauser and Jurg Wyss, to honor and promote the cheesemaking traditions and innovations of Glauser’s family – fifth generation Emmental Valley cheesemakers.

Thriving in the creative environment allowed for by the 1999 dissolution of the Swiss Cheese Union, Glauser and Wyss collaborate with approximately sixty local dairy farmers to make and age complex and unique cheeses like Belper Knolle (“Tuber of Belp”, referring to its truffle-esque appearance), Hansfmutschli (infused with hemp seeds), and Sanglee des Couardises (a diminutive, seasonal Vacherin Mont d’Or style).

Milk production for JUMI cheese is extremely limited – the largest dairy milks just over 40 cows.  The farmers bring milk warm to the dairy where it is promptly inoculated with house cheese cultures, and is always made into cheese within 24 hours. Glauser and Wyss have been selling JUMI cheese since 2006 – at farmer’s markets across Europe, Borough Market Hall in the UK, Japan, and now the USA!

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Üsi Minnie

Üsi Minnie

Kaserei Oberli Rislen

St Gallen, Switzerland

Like Üsi Lussi, Üsi Minnie is a tribute to the culture of cheesemaker Christian Oberli’s home region of Canton St Gallen.

Üsi Minnie is made at an elevation of 2,000 feet in the style of Alpine Mutschli, which was traditionally made in small batches (often on the family stovetop) using leftover curds from Gruyere production. After a short aging period, Mutschli would be shared with Sunday guests arriving with supplies and news from the village far below. 

This modern interpretation of Mutschli begins mellow, grassy, and lactic, and progresses to a buttery yielding finish with hints of walnut. Perfect to savor with a glass of crisp Gewurtztraminer and good company.


Üsi Lussi

Üsi Lussi

Kaserei Oberli Rislen

St Gallen, Switzerland

Üsi Lussi, which translates affectionately  to “our dairy cow,” is a tribute to the culture of cheesemaker Christian Oberli’s home region of Canton St Gallen, Switzerland. The cheese is made at an elevation of 2,000 feet from raw cow’s milk, and aged five months. 

Opening notes are lactic, mellow and sweet, and the cheese progresses to a buttery yielding finish with hints of walnut. Enjoy Üsi Lussi as the cheesemaker does – casually and often, with the company of family and friends. 

Pascal Beillevaire: Mille Trous d’Ariege

A mix of cow’s and goat’s milk in the Ariege tradition. This cheese has a lovely brown, regularly brushed rind and a supple, pale yellow paste punctuated by a multitude of  small holes or “trous,” from which it draws its name.  Fresh and earthy, its mellow, buttery flavor finishes with a gentle tanginess.


GLACIER BLUE made by Cascadia Creamery (Trout Lake, WA) — An approachable blue with a luxurious texture and deliciously rich flavor. One bite of this masterpiece will wrap your palate in a blanket of salty savor, sink you into the most comfortable chair, and make it clear why locals have coined this “The Gateway Blue.” If you weren’t a blue lover before, this cheese will open that gate and step you through to the other side. Natural rind – aged 75 days.